Hunting for the human spirit.
Losing the human spirit
With technological evolution comes a fear of losing the 'human spirit'.

Ironically, though, evolution in every sense is an ongoing process of finding the human spirit.

Looking back we find a planet from which springs the beauty of nature and then from the processes of nature comes life and the ability for nature to perceive itself. These processes of complexification continue through biology and only with the development of the modern mind emerges the human values of love, compassion and the higher thinking responsible for our ability to create and appreciate music, humour and other expressions of the imagination.

These are the residual effects of the compassion of intelligence, itself. Notice as we become more intelligent, more aware of our environment and ourselves – we become more compassionate, more humane. Compassion is inseparable from the kind of intelligence which brings awareness as it is a result of the appreciation of understanding something. And so the human spirit's capacity for love is it's capacity for awareness.

Increasing our awareness today through digital information, sensory technology and artificial intelligence is only going to further brighten our human spirit, increase our capacity for love and compassion and develop newly endeared dimensions of higher thinking unfathomable to us now. 'Those who dance do indeed look insane to those who cannot hear the music', and so is our relationship with the future of our species. We cannot possibly understand the behaviour of artificial intelligence or the effects of technology on us but we can postulate based on ourselves; that the emergence of new intellect, awareness and understanding will bring unimaginable compassion and virtue of love and appreciation for our condition – that will only bring us closer to our true nature.
And one day, in a virtual dimension free from the gravity of a world limited by its own resources and laws of atomic transactions, we will find our spirit in it's lair.
The culture of consciousness
We've built our entire culture on earth from a formula which started in the early foundations of felt experience, sparked in the mind of an animal; forming into language, causing ideas to create an understanding of how we need to think and live our lives.

In this way, our thoughts have and continue to create the reality at which we have crystallised ourselves at the center.  Our consciousness however does not need to have its foundations set in culture, language or ideas. Consciousness can create its own experience, language and culture if it were provided the freedom to create a space of its own, building on the felt experience of its native dimensionality and given the freedom to create its own tools for language and understanding; that is, to redefine the fundamental reality in which it inhabits.
We have built a civilisation on the ideas of an animal.
To rebuild our consciousness on the ideas of a compassionate intellect and empathetic awareness is to break the limitations of physics and language, forming ideas towards a totally new set of complexities and abstracted understanding of what it is to be a conscious being amid an ocean of conscious beings.

The unfolding of time and it's pull towards conservation of complexity has permitted us new tools of light and connectivity to generate a new world.

A culture for the compassion and artistic imagination of our consciousness.
Imagine a new language for human connection.
Hyperconscious is my vision project to meaningfully translate brainwave and biofield signals into virtual objects, experiences and environments in real-time.

Real-time brain-to-computer interfacing for virtual reality creates an entirely new self-perceiving form of consciousness. Using existing EEG and ECG technology, we are able to translate the electromagnetic fields of the brain and heart into channels of reliable data from your fluctuating cognitive and emotional states. Combining this with virtual reality technology, we can provide a spacial environment to express these cognitive and emotional states in real-time in the form of visual objects, environments and linguistic experiences which assess how your subconscious mind is responding in each moment and, by determining the subject of your gaze and whether or not you are engaged in the interaction, will rapidly regenerate itself at 256 cycles per second to optimise toward your engagement, or any other cognitive or emotional states.

What this all means is that you can sit down with someone in conversation and while you're speaking to them you can see in real-time if they are engaged in what you are saying and how what you are saying is effecting them emotionally; if they are happy or sad, excited, anxious or frustrated – and this visual representation of their heart and mind's response is so rapid that you really have an insight into if they are on the same page on a word by word basis.

The level of genuine understanding and empathy this generates truely is unsurpassed by traditional modes of spoken language.

We can also use this feedback loop to optimise the 'attention and interest' emotional response for object-orientated education so that if in a lesson the visual metaphor being used to explain a concept isn't engaging the learner, the object or metaphor can adapt itself in real-time until the experience engages the learner and the lesson is retained.

Measuring stress and anxiety levels at high resolution allows the properties of your environment to change themselves, measure the response and then further adjust according to the desired outcome for which the environment is algorithmically optimising. In the case of mental health this would mean that within a few minutes you would find yourself in a world created specifically for your own unique idea of a calming, anxiety-reducing experience.

Holistically speaking, providing the imagination a hyper-dimensional canvas to materialise, perceive and react to itself through the properties of Light, Scale, Motion, Vibration, Sound, Form, Time, Depth and Touch in response to our reactions of Excitement (Arousal), Interest (Valence), Stress (Frustration), Engagement/Boredom, Attention (Focus) and Anxiety (Relaxation); creates a new abstraction of linguistics and meaning, bridging the human animal and the intellectual and compassionate mind.

The implications of these technological milestones married together provides an entirely new container for our consciousness to expand into... Our physical environment is not the optimal environment for the imagination to express itself, for ideas to be communicated efficiently or emotions to be shared effectively.

Hyperconscious offers a virtual dimension for the natural expression of the imagination; and for the evolution of human consciousness.
After all, the definitive guide to your future can only be found in the language of your imagination.
If you're interested in the development of Brain-to-Computer Interfacing (BCI) for Extended Reality (XR) technologies and the potential for new (virtualised) expressions of our human spirit – emotional, intellectual and imaginative – I'm forever open to the discussion...

Oliver Rozynski  Challenge everything.

Co-Founder, Transhuman Inc
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