Amanda Johnstone
Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder
Amanda is a technologist, inventor and impact investor. Her focus on social health through the use of emerging technologies drives her vision of a transhumanist future. As the CEO of Transhuman Inc (a Social Health Innovations, Inc. company), Amanda is committed to working with the team to enhance both peer to peer and human to computer relationships through a series of technologies, including brain to computer interface, mobile, AI and machine learning.
Oliver Rozynski
Co-Founder and Head of Product
Oliver is a specialist in User Interface and User Experience Design, with over 15 years experience in digital, he has a deep understanding of emerging technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Brain-Computer Interfacing and Artificial Intelligence. His client-list includes Apple, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CBRE, Miranda Kerr, Multiplex, Hilton, News Corp, Qantas, Telstra, Westfield and WWF.
Nabil Barakat MBA
Co-Founder and Executive Board Member
Mr Barakat is widely respected as one of the world's most knowledgeable international businessmen, praised for both both his technical expertise and business acumen. With a technical education in electrical and computer engineering from Oregon State University, MIT and Cranfield University in England, Mr. Barakat spent several years in high-level positions with one of the world's leading aerospace companies. He founded Wamar in 1983, and since then the company has grown to represent some of the world's leading organizations. Mr. Barakat is assisted at Wamar by a highly skilled team of technical professionals located in leading cities around the world who provide advanced technologies to clients including the U.S. Government, NATO, U.S. Army, TACOM, United States Marshal Service, Qualcomm Inc, Amtrak, Sempra Energy, Joint Contracting Command Iraq Afghanistan and multiple international governments.

Dr Roy Sugarman
Neuroscience Lead
Dr Roy Sugarman is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society's Colleges of Clinical Neuropsychologists and Clinical Psychologists, of the Royal Charter of Psychologists in the UK, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Member of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Neuropsychology, and Faculty of Paediatric Neuropsychology, and the American Psychological Association. He has had input into major corporations' corporate health including programs at IBM, Intel, Sheraton, Walgreens, Cisco, Sony, SAP, Wesfarmers, Google, Johnson and Johnson, United Health Group, Union Pacific Railroads, and others, historically including Aviva and Singapore Armed Forces, Sun Life in Manila and Orix in Japan, FWD worldwide.
Dr Karla Felix Navarro
Research Lead
Karla is an IT researcher, specialising in social enterprise and gamification of healthcare technology. She is computer networks specialist with over 10 years experience in research/prototyping project supervision and as a networking professional. Karla's key research expertise is on the following fields: Computer Networks, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Serious Games for Health, Bioinformatics, IoT (WSN), and User Centered Design (UCD). Her skill sets include Design Thinking, Agile/Lean Development, Project Management, Business Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.
Elias Bizannes
Commercialisation Advisory
Elias Bizannes is a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur and technology community leader. He created the organizations of StartupHouse, StartupBus, Silicon Beach, the Aussie Founders Network and the DataPortability Project. He is currently putting his main attention as CEO of his most recent venture, Utmost. Previously Bizannes was at venture capital firm CRV, Big Data startup, and Big Four firm PwC. He is licensed as a Chartered Accountant globally (CPA in the US). Elias believes mental health is an important health issue and one that is an even bigger challenge than physical disease. It’s for this reason he’s chosen to support Transhuman Inc, which he considers to be innovating in the space.
George Freney
Technology Advisory
George has been involved with many technology centric businesses as an investor, advisor, founder, director and executive. In 2007 he helped found conTgo, a market leading mobile travel technology platform which was sold in 2013. In 2012 he co-founded booodl to solve a complex problem for physical retail businesses. He led the company from initial idea through 5 rounds of fundraising, securing strategic customers and partnerships. George is a partner at 11point2, a boutique advisory and technology lab focused on helping people, businesses and government accelerate worthwhile ideas. He is also a director of the RAA of South Australia, a Member of the Flinders University Governing Council and a Member of the South Australian Government Entrepreneurship Advisory Board.
James Keppel
Information Security Lead
James is a Technical Security and Development Consultant, with compliance in ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, secure engineering, encryption, risk management frameworks & security strategy. He has over 10 years experience in a range of technical roles spanning Information Security, IT project and software development management, simultaneously leading numerous internal and offshore teams, with a focus on agile methodologies, and a background in software development, on-premise and cloud infrastructure architecture, systems integration, graphic design and UX.
Marcus Chidgey
IoT Lead
Marcus is Chair of the Royal Marines Club (originally established in 2012 as Commando999). He sits on the Board of Directors for the Global Partnerships Forum and is on the Advisory Board of the International Academic Forum. He is an Advisor for iMedTrust, Founder of IoT technology leader Loqiva and Director of the Connected Tech Group (Connected Tech Group specialises in technology that helps patients and staff in community care, mental health, secondary care, tertiary care, child protection and children in need). He is the CEO of Captive Minds. Recently, Marcus helped to establish Captive Health, a company revolutionising patient engagement, performance and feedback for NHS Trusts in the UK. Captive Minds is perhaps best known for helping to launch the Walking with the Wounded charity which saw Prince Harry take part in expeditions with wounded servicemen and women to the North Pole in 2011 and the South Pole in 2013.
Michael Goldberg
Clinical Lead
Michael is the Founder and Executive Director of The Sanctuary Byron Bay - one of the world's leading rehabilitation facilities, boasting a 90% rehabilitation rate. A passionate and creative entrepreneur, Michael is an early pioneer of a recent international treatment movement focused on individual care that is multidisciplinary, yet bespoke, with treatment coordinated and carefully tailored to each individual’s needs. He is the Managing Director of Interventions Australia, Treatment Directory Australia and Executive Director of The Sanctuary Recovery House.
Zac Rowley
Human Physiology and Hardware Lead
Zac joins Transhuman in the R&D of our Artificial Intelligence x IOT technology division, which focuses on the improvement of human expression and communication. He is an Angel Investor and VC at a $100M fund Venture University in San Francisco and a Managing Partner of ETS*Z. His tenure at Apple saw him working on confidential R&D projects across the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Apple he worked at medical device company, Alere (acquired by Abbott). Zac has a sound knowledge of human physiology and a keen interest on how to integrate this with mental health interventions. He holds a Masters of Clinical Physiology and a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science.
Nailia Alimova MBA
Chief Finance Officer
Nailia is the Founder of xSource Control and has 15 years of accounting and advisory experience. Companies that Nailia has previously worked with include PWC, Google, eBay and MYOB.
Transcend the human condition
Transhuman Inc exists to envision a future of intelligence, compassion and understanding of each other and our planet.

We believe in a future where our technology connects the dots of the mind, the body and the human spirit, augmenting our cognitive and emotional intelligence. Utilising extended reality technologies we will virtualise the body and capture the mind in a dimension of visualised imagination and telepathy of communication.

We aim to set the theatre for the imaginative conception of new worlds within the human mind, so that we can further connect creatively and empathetically to each other – showing each other ourselves and our dreams.
Facing our future
The future belongs
to those who believe in
the beauty of their dreams.
the unknown.
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