Your future is stranger
than you could possibly imagine
The statement ‘stranger that you could possibly imagine’ by definition offers no new information to you other than the fact there is something coming which is unknown to you - but we can use some logic to outline just how outside the ability of our current thinking our future is and it may provide a new direction for your mind to travel into and a new model of reality for you to hold in focus when you consider your ambitions and subsequent decision making for your own future.
Firstly, we need a new word for ‘future’. One that doesn’t have so many connotations to the past, which doesn’t imply linear thinking and which embodies the unknown rather than the expected.
We are driving into the future while looking in the rear-view mirror. The sum of our past experiences will not equate to any accurate expectations for our future. As exponential change and complexification of our environment and technology continues to increase, the future is no longer a destination for us - it is the transformation of us, as humans. And from this new hyper-conscious perspective, our patterns will change and a new world will emerge.
The transhuman experience
Transhumanism is an international philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.

It can be argued that our path to transhumanism has already begun. Life expectancy has doubled in the past 100 years. Access to human knowledge has condensed into what we can keep in our pocket and it augments our intelligence when we choose to use it. Empathetic understanding of other cultures and belief systems is available to anyone willing to explore the world wide web or watch daily streaming videos of people who want to express themselves and their ideas.

When the digital world meets us with biotechnology and can be directly augmented over our daily experience – then the power of transhumanism will truly begin to shape who we are and how we behave.
Commodities and the nomadic life
Commodification of water means that it is not necessary for us to carry our water around in buckets for when we may need it.

Similarly with our possessions, our cars, our electronics - there will be no need to take them with us wherever we travel.

Driverless cars already promise a future where transport is shared - which will be far more resource efficient, more available and less restricting to the human experience and lifestyle.

So now imagine when AirBnb style accomodation is cheaper than rent, when the price of computers is so low that they are a shared commodity like bibles in motel bedside drawers, where all of your data travels with you in the cloud and all your daily human amenities like clothing, toiletries and entertainment are available by automated delivery wherever you are..
Do not expect to see anyone dragging a suitcase - whether they are travelling or not.
The power of intelligence
Through our natural evolution as animals we have become more intelligent, and more compassionate. Compassion is a function of intelligence as it is the result of becoming more aware of something. To understand one another, our experiences and our actions is to love one another. To understand nature and our planet is to appreciate its beauty.
Technology makes us more aware; makes us more human. If humanness is found in our compassion, our understanding and our capacity for love - then it is not a quality of the homosapian body, but the intellectual mind and it’s drive for growth and change.
If evolution ended with the monkey and the capacity for a monkey’s awareness and understanding there would not exist the experience made possible by the higher functions of the human brain: love; humour; appreciation of music and art.

Similarly, if evolution ends with the human and the capacity for a human’s awareness and understanding then there will not exist the emotional capacity and cognitive vision made possible by quantum technology and it’s augmentation of a Transhuman experience.

Let’s speak in simple terms about quantum computation and artificial intelligence.

Quantum computing is the key to unlocking a General Artifical Intelligence which learns, problem solves and leverages all of human knowledge to build its own internal model of reality for an understanding and awareness of its environment and capacity for changing it in alignment with the compassion intrinsic to higher intelligence.

Quantum mechanics affords us the mathematical ability to store more experience and hold more processing power than the collective intellect and memory capacity of every human and animal that has ever lived in our history - and it could fit inside a computer the size of a grain of salt. Not only because these machines are performing computations through the probabilities of electrons in single atoms (on the fabric of space-time) but also because the ‘transistors’, or qubits, are not linear processors as they are in classical computers - so each additional qubit provides an exponential step forward in processing ability.

All this means is that with the marriage of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, we will see the birth of an intelligence far greater than our own.

And what if these wirelessly connected, salt-sized super-computers were put into two glasses of water.. I drink one and you drink one?

Now you have all of human knowledge – every occupational specialisation, every understanding in psychology, every literary publication, every philosopher's thoughts and every insight which has ever been recorded accessible to you through the augmentation of intellect. You will perceive time differently, processing millions of computations and making millions of decisions concurrently. We will have access to each other's minds directly – not through language but through an understanding only available with the transfer of direct meaning and intent.

Now you may get an idea of how a Transhuman future may be more aware and more empathetic than we could possibly imagine.
The infinite space inside us
Just to frame your understanding of how space can be internal and infinite, think virtual reality tuned to the electromagnetic frequency of the subconscious and imagination - then made a shared social experience and given the permanence of memory storage and the utility of human creativity.

In a virtual dimension where resources are not limited but algorithmic and infinite, where perception is a shared reality and language is communicated with experience itself - we will cease to be held by materialism, capitalism, nationalism, racism or any other ego-driven behaviour.

We can travel as far as our imaginations desire and we can share thoughts and emotion, not through spoken language which uses words as symbols for meaning, but with direct meaning made possible by the cybernetic ability for experiential communication.
Behind the curtain of singularity
We cannot see behind the curtain of a transformation in consciousness because our methods of linear rational thought are fundamentally different to what non-linear cybernetic thought could achieve.
However we can ask ourselves a simple question: What will we take with us?
We cannot see behind the curtain of a transformation in consciousness because our methods of linear rational thought are fundamentally different to what non-linear cybernetic thought could achieve.

However we can ask ourselves a simple question: What will we take with us?

Certainly not our designer furniture, our kitchen appliances, our car.. So, nothing larger than you could fit into a suitcase?

Maybe forget about the suitcase, your clothes and even your body.

We will be travelling ‘through the eye of a needle’ with our mind and by the power and infinite nature of virtual space. The virtualisation of the human spirit will find our Transhuman evolution in the shared dreams of a species turned inward to the boundary dissolving power of their collective imaginations.

Oliver Rozynski

Co-Founder, Transhuman Inc
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